Doe Bay Fest

August 610, 2015 Doe Bay Resort & Retreat, Orcas Island TICKETS

This summer, Doe Bay Resort is excited to present the 8th Annual Doe Bay Festival at The Doe Bay Resort and Retreat on Orcas Island, WA. This four day festival features music, food, drink, camping and activities in a unique setting. It is hard to explain but you might want to ask a previous attendee. We hope you will be able to join us and that you will like it.

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  1. Want to Play DBF8? Want to Play DBF8? Submissions are now open!
  2. GET TICKETS!!! GET TICKETS!!! DBF8 ticket sales are on!


Get Ready! --- Doe Bay Fest 8 ---- August 6 to 10, 2015

Doe Bay Fest 8, the "As Above, So Below" Fest is a reality in progress, whatever that means. We have a date, a time, a place and musicians are getting ready.

The Music – I can't wait to see you all on August 6th. The line-up will be pretty cool, filled with musicians, with whom we want to spend some time "up the country". We are never sure, but we think this year's line-up will be something special. We will try to stretch genres a little and as always, introduce artists to the Doe Bay Fest experience. We will also be seeking your help in finding "Doe Bay Compatible" artists. Our submission process will be modified slightly to be more collaborative. Details in future e-mails.

The music is what matters and it will be killer. A couple acts are signed already but, as always, we will keep it quiet until early summer.

Planning - We will be sending a number of emails. The first one is here. Give some thought to your Fest plans. Read our emails with information about transportation and planning and parking and clothing and food and drink, etc., as they come out. They are based on experience and will help you have what you need and not have what you don't.

Tickets - First plan how to get tickets. The link above to the first e-mail should get you started. We hope the ticket system this year is fair. I thank you for your understanding of how hard that is to do right.

If you are able, please check out Doe Bay at least once this year during the 361 days which are not part of Doe Bay Fest. Let me know by writing to Our door is always open and you are always welcome here. With much love,

Joe and Maureen Brotherton